2019 Samsung QLED Q90R

Samsung’s Flagship QLED TV with improved viewing angles

Samsung’s flagship Quantum Dot TV, QLED Q90R delivers an incredible peak luminance and truly cinematic color thanks in part to the Quantum Dot technology inside.

Sizes: 65”, 75”, 82”

The Samsung Q90R is a remarkable TV; one of the best LEDs we have tested so far. It delivers an excellent experience no matter the usage. It has an impressive picture quality with deep blacks that look great in a dark room, and offers an outstanding movie watching experience both in SDR and in HDR, thanks to its wide color gamut.
— Forbes
This QLED champion narrowly beats out LG’s ‘9’ series of OLED TVs to emerge as the winner of our award for Best TV.

Samsung has been improving its QLED televisions every year, and 2018’s Q9FN was a massive leap forward for QLED-kind. The Q90R, however, even blows that away, with sumptuous colours, ultra vivid HDR, brightness that means it can be watched even in the glow of the summer sun, but a truly cinematic presentation of the greatest blockbusters and box sets.
— Duncan Bell, T3
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