Nanosys will showcase the latest advances in the company’s Quantum Dot technologies and materials at the 2019 Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week International Symposium being held from May 12 to 17, 2019. To register for free on us, use the Nanosys guest code: sj2GmNrK.

The company will report technology and materials innovations, as well as exhibit a variety of prototypes and concept devices to demonstrate the benefits of its Quantum Dot technologies and high-performance materials during SID Display Week 2019. The company will exhibit at Booth 1428 from May 14 to 16 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.



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SE-4Quantum-Dot Displays: Advances and Outlook
Charlie Hotz - Vice President, R&D, Nanosys, Inc.
Monday, May 13th 10:20-11:50 am @ Room LL21DEF

Quantum dots are increasingly being adopted as emitters in displays due to their unique combination of properties: high efficiency, narrow spectral width, and wavelength tunability. In this seminar, Nanosys VP of R&D, Dr. Charlie Hotz will review both existing and emerging uses of quantum dots in displays, with an emphasis on technical challenges and future application potential. The session is moderated by Byeong-Soo Bae, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). (more info)

Business Conference: Technologies Enabling Next Generation Displays  - IJP,  QD OLEDs, TADF,  QLEDs, MicroLEDs and more.
Russell Kempt - Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Nanosys, Inc.
Monday, May 13th 3:45-5:30 pm @ Room 230ABC

Quantum Dot displays are everywhere in 2019. The technology is bringing premium features from perfect color to contrast to 8K resolution to breakthrough form factors into the mainstream market. With prices for entry-level 55” Quantum Dot TVs dropping below $400, more people than ever can join the Quantum Dot party.

In this talk, titled “Quantum Dots – Join the Party,” Mr. Kempt looks at the next phase of display market development from a Quantum Dot perspective.Topics include the evolving use of Quantum Dots in LCD displays, their emerging role as a color conversion technology for emissive displays, and how they are being developed as emitter materials for future printable electroluminescent displays.(more info)

SE-10: Flexible Display Technology Trends and Challenges
Moderator: Daekyoung Kim - Nanosys Scientist
Monday, May 13th 2:40 - 4:10 pm @ Room LL21DEF

Display technology is rapidly moving from a rigid to a flexible format, starting with curved displays and transitioning to foldable and rollable form factors. However, several technical challenges must be overcome to ensure the reliability of the devices for repeated folding and rolling, in particular, when there is a bending radius less than 1 mm. This seminar, by Professor Ho Kyoon Chung of Sungkyunkwan University, will discuss key factors that govern mechanical durability and propose a measurement system for assessing reliability in various environmental conditions. The session is moderated by Nanosys scientist Daekyoung Kim. (more info)



EXHIBITS OPEN: Visit Nanosys at Booth #1428

Investor Conference: Quantum Dots and NanoParticles
Jason Hartlove - CEO & President, Nanosys, Inc.
Tuesday, May 14th 1:30-2:30 pm @ Center Room 230C

Nanosys’ Quantum Dot technology is an unqualified success story with over 10 million LCD TVs shipped since launching in 2013. This major commercial adoption milestone is just the beginning for Quantum Dots.

In this talk, Jason Hartlove, CEO of Quantum Dot leader Nanosys, shares his vision for the next phase of Quantum Dot growth - including future display applications and a look at how the unique light emitting properties of Nanosys Quantum Dot technology will begin to change a diverse array of industries such as lighting, agriculture, and sensors over the next decade.  (more info)



Session 47: QDEL I
Chair: Dr. RuiChing Ma - Director of Device Development, Nanosys, Inc.
Thursday, May 16th 10:40 am - 12:10 pm @ Room LL21CD

Nanosys Director of Device Development, Dr. Ray Ma, will chair a session on Quantum Dot Electroluminescent devices at SID. The session includes contributions from TCL, Sharp and Kyung Here University. Topics include advances in QDEL device lifetime and new device architectures. (more info)



Session 81 – Distinguished Paper: Developing High Efficiency Heavy Metal Free QD-LEDs for Next Generation Displays
Speaker: Dr. RuiChing Ma - Director of Device Development, Nanosys, Inc
Friday, May 17th 11:20 - 11:40 pm @ Room LL21LCD

This paper reports on progress in developing heavy-metal-free (or Cd-free) QD-LEDs for all three colors. With improvement in synthesis, the researchers have developed high-quantum-yield heavy-metal-free QDs (>95 percent for red and green; >80 percent for blue), with peak wavelengths suitable for BT. 2020. Building upon these high-performance QDs and through novel device-structure design and optimization, they demonstrated high-efficiency heavy-metal-free QD-LEDs with external quantum efficiency (EQE) of 16.9,13, and 9 percent for red, green, and blue, respectively. Dr. Ray Ma, Nanosys Director of Device Development will present. The session will be moderated by Jonathan Steckel of Apple, Inc. and Chang Hee Lee of Samsung Display. (more info)