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A New Frontier for Quantum Dots in Displays

Quantum-dot enhancement film (QDEF) is giving LCD technology an edge as it battles new TV display entrants such as white organic light-emitting diodes (WOLEDs). Recent advances in quantum-dot properties are also enabling new and innovative implementations. This includes their evolving use in LCDs, their possible deployment in OLED and microLED displays, and their potential as emitter materials for future printable electroluminescent displays.

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Ambient Processing of Quantum Dot Photoresist for Emissive Displays

Moving the light conversion by quantum dots (QDs) from the backlight to the front of the LCD has the potential to further improve both the overall efficiency and color gamut of the display. In order to accomplish this change of architecture, the QDs have to be patterned at the sub-pixel pitch of the display. This requires the QDs to be integrated into a photoresist at high concentration in order to produce pixels of the required size and optical density. Here we report on our fabrication and characterization of red and green QD photoresist, as well as how we model its performance in displays.

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